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You want to draw well, but you don't know where to start? 

You want to learn all the techniques out there and also draw as well as the artists you follow on  Instagram.

OR maybe you had the life-long wish to become an artist but never got the time or opportunity to do it.

Then you are In the right place. Ece Gurler Art Studio is the perfect course for you!

Here is the course content:

Module 1: Charcoal & Graphite Drawing Techniques 

Module 2: Colored Pencil Drawing Techniques

Module 3: Soft Pastel Drawing Techniques

For each module, the order of the lessons will be as follows:

  •  How do you hold a pencil?

  • How to do the best strokes

  • Differences between pencils

    • Graphite Degrees & Graphite vs. Charcoal​

    • Oil-based vs. Wax-based colored pencils

    • Soft pastels: pencils, pan pastels, and pastel sticks

  • Does Brand matter?​

  • What are the best brands?

  • How to choose the best reference photo

  • How to examine the reference photo before you start drawing

    • Where are the shadows and highlights?​

    • Which colors will be needed?

  • How to do the initial sketch - 5 different techniques​

  • What should you know before you start your drawing - Realistic expectations

  • Supplies that you will need

  • Shading Techniques

  • Blending Techniques

  • Where to start and when to stop

  • How to assess how you are doing

  • How to fix common mistakes

  • How to avoid common mistakes, apply realistic drawing techniques, smooth transitions for the:

    • eye​

    • nose

    • ears

    • mouth

    • hair

  • What to know about shadows and Highlights on the face​

  • Tips for clothing:

    • folds​

    • silk

    • wool

    • collar

  • Background

    • Tips for the most attractive background​

    • Challenging backgrounds and how to deal with them

  • Final Edits

    • Why are final edits important?​

    • What to do as final steps?

  • 1 step-by-step real-time tutorial, covering all the basics and techniques. These real-time tutorials are not available anywhere else. 

colored pencils.jpg

The Course will launch in April 2021.

Normal price: $497 

Early bird price:$397