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" Ece Gurler’s middle-grade novel, Frank, is an excellent coming of age story for young readers. Following the quest of one eleven-year-old science genius, Frank, readers will share experiences and sentiments that might mirror some of their own. The plot is full of unexpected twists and turns as the two main characters, Frank and his alternate dimension counterpart, Andy, discover new realities in worlds full of chances and dreams, both lost and real. This science fiction story will introduce young readers to the wide world of fascinating discoveries, like penicillin and electricity, and how much fun learning about science can be (as well as being useful). This is a compassionate story full of adventure, lasting friendships, and the power of family love, as well as the need to feel a sense of belonging. An exciting read full of hope, promise, and, of course, science. "

- Emily-Jane Hills Orford




ECE GURLER, who was born and raised in Ankara, Turkey, has always believed in the power of diversity, equity and inclusion. Besides her work as a School Director in Boston, she is also a full-time author and artist. She studied Geological Engineering in ODTU. But her career path deviated from science and she chose to make difference in people's lives by becoming an educator. Now, she is pursuing her Master of Arts degree in Critical and Creative Thinking at UMASS Boston. Having worked in international education sector for more than a decade gave her the ability to read diverse behavior of her students. This unique skill set combined with her love for science gave birth to her debut book, Frank. As an avid reader, she likes to read about history, psychology, science and fictions with strong characters. Currently, she lives in the inspiring city of Boston. When she doesn’t write, she makes art and gives real-time drawing and painting tutorials online.

" Have you ever wished you had access to the past or, as a child, to some things you have or could have now? That's exactly how I felt about Frank. From the many little lessons about scientific concepts to the subtle messages about safe practices in public, Frank is brimming with lots of useful information that would be helpful to today's children. Ece Gurler prompts his readers to use their imaginations and picture a world that is different from what they're used to. I was won over by the animated storyline, realistic characters, and positive messages in Frank. Since I can't send it to my younger self, I'm recommending Frank to the preteens that are lucky to read this excellent work in their generation. Frank is, frankly, a priceless gem. "

- Foluso Falaye


" It’s three weeks till Christmas and things at Frank’s house aren’t going well. With his father currently unemployed, his parents aren’t in the best of moods and it looks like Christmas might be canceled. When Frank overhears a conversation between the two, he finds out he’s adopted and that they might not want him anymore. Upset and confused, Frank can’t concentrate on his books and tablet like he used to. One night when he gets angry, he ends up ruining his poster and finding what looks like a tunnel. Even stranger is when he enters this tunnel - it comes to an end and there is someone else on the other side. A boy named Andy who doesn’t understand how Frank got in his wall. After the two work out a plan to meet each other face to face, Frank excitedly finds out that he discovered a completely different universe! The two quickly become best friends, which is a first for Frank as he has always had trouble making friends. The two learn about each other’s respective universes. While some things are the same, there are a lot of things different. When Frank finds out a version of himself is in this universe, he makes a plan to meet his birth family on Andy’s side. If his adoptive parents in his world don’t want him, maybe his birth parents in Andy’s world might. The two set off on an adventure and learn a lot of lessons along the way.

I thought Frank was such a unique and fun book to read. Frank is such a likable character that it was easy to get swept up into the story. Then when he meets Andy and finds out about this other dimension, I thought it was very well written and in a way that can intrigue both children and adults. I also think that the way the author dealt with and wrote Andy’s mistreatment by his mother was tasteful for the audience it was aimed at. A lot of children’s books cover a subject like that, but it’s definitely something that should be addressed and not just to older kids and teenagers. Overall, Ece Gurler has done a wonderful job and I can’t wait to see what they come out with next!

- Tiffany Ferrell


"Ece Gurler’s urban science fiction story is rife with wrenching domestic issues on family relationships. Frank’s sentiments toward his adoptive parents, his love for space science, and ardent need to find his real parents twinkle across the pages like the stars and heavenly bodies that he loves to observe. His heartbreaking discovery of being adopted is well-treated in his struggling adjustment to the truth, such as developing an inner sense of rebellion and defiance of authority. “Adults suck,” is what Frank firmly believes. In a moving tale of family, friendship, and renewal, young readers will learn that a family can only come close to perfection from the way we love and accept those who truly matter to us. "           -Vincent Dublado


"Amazing insight into the mindset of a 11-year boy who has trouble fitting in with other boys and anxiety about his parents' financial problems. As I was a boy who was in a very similar situation (and shared Frank's love of science), I could immediately identify with him and couldn't wait to take his adventure with him. There is a deft segue (SPOILER ALERT!) into a fascinating vortex in his closet that allows him to meet with a mysterious friend from another dimension. The writing is so realistic and inviting that the reader wholeheartedly excepts this as something that could happen (I know I often pondered other dimensions as a child). The dialogue captures the emotions of the two boys toward each other and others. Well-paced plot and a great ending."

-Aaron Poncinie

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A review by 9-year-old Zeynep D. Kesgin




One of the best part of this book is witnessing Frank and Andy's friendship to shape during their journey between two universes...

Andy's understanding of human behavior and Frank's extensive knowledge and passion in science create a wonderful dynamic between the two. 


"I started reading “Frank” at a beautiful Santa Cruz Beach on a Sunday morning. What I did for the rest of the day was just to read the whole book. The audience for this book is probably kids but as a mom of two, 6 and 8 years old, I wanted to give it a try first. I can’t wait to share it with my sons. The author did a great job taking you from your world and connecting to the characters’.  While reading, I thought it would be a great story for Hollywood film makers.


The story is about a boy named Frank. He is a gifted boy, very much into science. He is not social and loves spending his time in his secret place, a shell in his room. One day while feeling very emotional, he discovers a secret tunnel which results in meeting the second main character from a different universe Andy. The rest of the book is about the adventures of these two characters in both universes. The book also has some pictures related to the story so visualization helps readers with their imagination."

-Aslihan Demirkaya


"The titular character Frank feels out of place in his own world and has invented a place he calls the Aurora Shell where he can retreat and feel safe. When Frank discovers a real tunnel leading to an alternate universe, it seems that his dreams of finding acceptance can, at last, come true. So begins an educational, scientific, and very moving story of one boy’s journey to feel loved.

Author Ece Gurler has crafted a truly excellent work that ticks all the boxes to engage and excite the MG reading audience. I thought the way that the science topics were woven into the story worked perfectly, and I could easily see the target audience engaging with and relating to their schoolwork as Frank and his friend Andy begin to solve problems and face challenges. I thought the dialogue was a standout feature too, as the kids seemed authentically kid-like, but still carried the story with capable exposition and plenty of deep emotional realism. I think the issues of loneliness and displacement would make this a fantastic classroom book too where kids could discuss the feelings and events taking place. Overall, I would highly recommend Frank as a high-quality reading gift for the little bright sparks in your life to devour. "- K.C. Finn 


Have you ever dreamt of an alternate world? A world full of second chances and lost dreams, found again. Just like the one Frank has stumbled upon.


Frank, an eleven-year-old science nerd, fashions a hiding place in his closet with his favorite things. He calls it the "Aurora Shell", where he retreats whenever he feels upset or scared. The day he learns that he was adopted, he discovers an empty space behind his Big Bang Theory poster, in the Aurora Shell. He decides to crawl in and find out what awaits him at the end of this dark tunnel. There, he meets an incredibly cheerful kid, Andy, who becomes his first true friend. Soon after they realize that this is not just a simple passage, but it is a bridge that connects two parallel universes! Frustrated that he was unwanted by his biological parents in his own world, Frank decides to take his chance in this new universe to gain acceptance. Maybe this time his parents would welcome him and love him? Grabbing their backpacks, the two friends set out on a quest to find Frank's birth parents in Andy's universe. In the beginning of their journey, everything looks brand new and astonishing to Frank. But this adventure will hold dangers they never could have imagined. Will they be able to survive the grave challenges and find Frank’s family in the end? Was their secret going to cause them trouble?


Frank is a quintessential middle-grade contemporary science-fiction book for boys and girls who are 7-12 years old. Frank’s story will awaken any child’s interest in science, especially middle school science subjects. At the end of this heartwarming adventure, the young reader will greatly value the meaning of friendship and family.

All the drawings in the book was created by Ece Gurler and they are turned into colorful illustrations by Ujala Shahid.

Professional editing by Emily Hunger and Rob Bignell.

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