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10 Ways to Turn Your Artwork into Gifts

As creators, we create unique, fun and/or meaningful art each time and why not turn your artwork into gift ideas? I will give you 10 wonderful gift ideas that you can benefit from! Whether it be holiday season, birthdays or anniversaries, these gifts will make your loved ones so happy. Since they will be truly unique and personalized, and made with your effort and love, they will feel even more special. Here is the 10 ways to turn your artwork into gifts!


Who doesn't read? If your loved one is into books, this will be an especially meaningful gift! I highly recommend watercolor work on Strathmore watercolor paper or colored pencil work on Strathmore Bristol 300 series smooth paper as they are really thick and would work perfectly as a separator! You can customize it according to the person who you are giving this gift to. If they are a dog person, paint them their puppy, if they are into Harry Potter, draw them Hedwig! If you don't know them well, just paint some watercolor flowers or landscape. At the top of the paper you can make a punch and add some kind of ornament or string if you want to! Perfect way to let your loved ones to remember you! Below I made an example for you!


Another perfect way of turning your artwork into gifts and making your loved ones remember you or the moments you shared: magnets! It is so easy to make these the only thing you need is your artwork and these sticky magnets which you can buy from here. Again it is best to use a heavy paper like watercolor paper (click here to see which paper I used) or Strathmore Bristol 300 series smooth paper. Just cut out your artwork and stick the magnet on the back! If you want to keep your artwork away from damage, I recommend you to laminate it which even makes it better. If you think that you cannot draw or paint a picture that small, no problem! Scan your original work and resize it to "pocket size" photo, send it for print and get it from nearby photo shops in 2 hours like CVS or Walgreens. Stick the magnet on the the back of it! Done! By the way, if you don't know the difference between the papers, I highly recommend you to watch my video about which mediums give the best results on which papers: Click Here for the Video. Below, I painted a little magnet for you. You will be amazed how quick and fun to make these magnets!