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10 Ways to Turn Your Artwork into Gifts

As creators, we create unique, fun and/or meaningful art each time and why not turn your artwork into gift ideas? I will give you 10 wonderful gift ideas that you can benefit from! Whether it be holiday season, birthdays or anniversaries, these gifts will make your loved ones so happy. Since they will be truly unique and personalized, and made with your effort and love, they will feel even more special. Here is the 10 ways to turn your artwork into gifts!


Who doesn't read? If your loved one is into books, this will be an especially meaningful gift! I highly recommend watercolor work on Strathmore watercolor paper or colored pencil work on Strathmore Bristol 300 series smooth paper as they are really thick and would work perfectly as a separator! You can customize it according to the person who you are giving this gift to. If they are a dog person, paint them their puppy, if they are into Harry Potter, draw them Hedwig! If you don't know them well, just paint some watercolor flowers or landscape. At the top of the paper you can make a punch and add some kind of ornament or string if you want to! Perfect way to let your loved ones to remember you! Below I made an example for you!


Another perfect way of turning your artwork into gifts and making your loved ones remember you or the moments you shared: magnets! It is so easy to make these the only thing you need is your artwork and these sticky magnets which you can buy from here. Again it is best to use a heavy paper like watercolor paper (click here to see which paper I used) or Strathmore Bristol 300 series smooth paper. Just cut out your artwork and stick the magnet on the back! If you want to keep your artwork away from damage, I recommend you to laminate it which even makes it better. If you think that you cannot draw or paint a picture that small, no problem! Scan your original work and resize it to "pocket size" photo, send it for print and get it from nearby photo shops in 2 hours like CVS or Walgreens. Stick the magnet on the the back of it! Done! By the way, if you don't know the difference between the papers, I highly recommend you to watch my video about which mediums give the best results on which papers: Click Here for the Video. Below, I painted a little magnet for you. You will be amazed how quick and fun to make these magnets!


Postcards will never get old. In this digital age, they are even more meaningful and valuable! Turn your paintings into postcards by using a heavy paper just like the ones I mentioned before. It can be any size but in order to be mailed in first class mail postcard price it should be at least 3-1/2 inches high x 5 inches long x 0.007 inch thick. No more than 4-1/4 inches high x 6 inches long x 0.016 inches thick. Cut your paper that size, fold it into two and draw or paint your artwork on one side! Boom! I made this "Thank You" card below in 10 minutes. Love it!


Now these ones will need lamination as they are under high risk of getting wet! Just cut out your painting in 4-inches-wide squares or circles and then laminate them! After lamination, cut around those circle/square but make sure to leave a few mm room between where your paper ends and where you cut. Perfect for weddings! Or it could be an awesome Housewarming side gift! It can be also used as a wine gift tag and tell your loved ones that this can be a coaster as well.


Compile all your artwork and turn them into a calendar by using services of or CVS , etc. This way, each month your loved ones will remember you with your artwork AND it could be a great marketing tool for you as when they use it at their work place, their colleagues would see it, when at home, their friends would see it, etc.


Well, let's face the reality. We are living in different times now. But you can personalize your own mask OR give it as a gift by just printing your artwork on masks. Zazzle lets you customize your own mask!: It is time to get creative! I tried two of my watercolor paintings as prints and they actually looked great!


One of the other best thing about customization is this: a T-shirt or pillow showing your artwork on it: just one click away! The only thing you should do is to scan a high resolution photo of your artwork and get the sizes right. Websites like CustomInk and Zazzle are there for you. When you Google "Customized pillows" or "Customized T-shirts", you will see all the available services! But before you use any of these services don't forget to read some reviews first. Displaying your art at your loved one's home OR on him/her every day is an awesome idea but you want ti make sure the prints look good.


Did you know you could draw on wood surface with your colored pencils? You can also watercolor on them! It would be a great gift if you could paint or draw on a box and give it to someone you love. Boxes are necessary tools for both men and women. So, this makes it a wonderful gift! You can buy these boxes on Amazon or at places like Michaels. It doesn't have to be a box, you can use the wooden disks and create wonderful home decor.


Either you can print your artwork on sticker paper and cut it yourself OR you can order services like this on Amazon. It can be a portrait, a flower, a starry night, a landscape, it doesn't have to be a face. These stickers can be used on laptops, notebooks, on glass, mugs, everywhere it can stick to!


The final way to turn your artwork into gifts is business cards. I know it sounds strange and it sounds like a lot of work, BUT as an artist, think about the impact you would make as an artist, giving out your business cards made by YOU! You can choose to do this in two ways: 1. You get your printed cards with your name, address and/or photo empty and you paint or draw on the card stock, 2. You scan your artwork, insert it in business card design and print it that way! This could be also a great gift if you have a friend who is starting a new business, or who got a new job. It can be symbolic as well, something that you can attach to an agenda you bought for your loved one.

I really hope you guys like these ideas! More coming! Follow me on YouTube and Instagram to be updated!

Ece Gurler

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