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How to Clean Your Art Work Area & Supplies

We all wish cleaning up after our hours of art work was as fun as the creative task itself! Not only that it is boring, but also it is really challenging sometimes. During my own cleaning battles, I have figured that some chemicals work best in certain type of stains. Let me tell you some tricks and tips I learned about cleaning our art work area an supplies!

How to Remove Charcoal

Have you experienced that after working with charcoal, no matter how many times you wash your hands with soap, it stays there, doesn't go away? It seems like a simple dish soap would work better than hand soap. I tried and it is absolutely true.

I do many charcoal drawings (And my favorite brand is General's!!) My art space has a light pink mat. So, you do the math. It gets really dirty like this:

I tried, dish soap (because it worked on my hand!), hand soap, multi-purpose spray and everything but, nada! It wasn't working... So, I tried another detergent which was in powder form. I thought it would get into all those tiny grooves of my mat. So, I dipped my paper towel in a warm water, then squeezed it and wet the surface of my mat. Then I spread the powder all over. After that, with my wet towel, I scrubbed the surface with this powder: Ajax with bleach.

First I rinsed that muddy powder-water mixture with another clean wet towel. Then as a final step, I wiped it off with my dry paper towel. This was the result, I couldn't believe my eyes!!!:

So, definitely I highly recommend it for charcoal AND watercolor stains that are dry and hard to remove.

How to Remove Dry Watercolor Stains from Your Palette

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