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Don’t let these negative thoughts take over you and stop you!

💠If you feel as if you are “Not Enough” Then ask yourself: “Realistically, when am I going to be ready? When am I going to feel enough? After accomplishing what?” If there is no certain answer to that means you will never sell your art (?!)

💠 if you wonder why people would buy your art despite buying from all the other BETTER (whatever that means) artists out there, the answer is: there is only one YOU. And your art speaks a different language to each person. One might love your art whereas the other hate it. This is the beauty of art. It is literally for EVERYONE.

💠The third problem you might be facing is being a little too much of a perfectionist. The root cause of perfectionism is the fear of failure. In order to not make a mistake, a perfectionist would plan every possible little thing that could go wrong and prevent them before they even happen. They tend to overdo things to get ultimate satisfaction in the end (from a service, a project, etc.) With the right dosage, perfectionism is great: You look professional, and the fewer mistakes the better! BUT when you overdose yourself with that perfectionism, then you start delaying things. The pile of “to-do”s starts to make you feel overwhelmed. Eventually, your motivation goes down whereas your stress level goes up. You find yourself frozen: Not getting anything done.

If these sound familiar, you are not alone. But it also means it is time to change 💪🏾💪🏻💪🏿

Make that change today!

Stay with art and love...

Ece Gurler

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