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Interview With "Start Art!" Hosts Özgün and Daniel

If you haven't heard it before, this duo have been gaining a lot of notice both on YouTube and Instagram! I wanted to interview them and learn who they are, see what is the secret behind their success.

"Start Art!" / "Sanata Başla!" Team holding a piece of fine art!

E: Who are Özgün and Daniel?

Ö: I am Özgün Yılmazok, the author and the creator of the art history and painting analysis platform Sanata Başla! in Turkish and Start Art! in English.

I have studied engineering and am still working in that field. However, I have been very interested in art since I was a little child. I started art with drawing and looking at images of paintings from art history. That grew into a passion in time. I have traveled to all major museums in Europe and have seen many masterpieces. In 2012, I created Sanata Başla! as a platform to explain famous paintings to absolute beginners to art in a simple and non-complicated fashion.

Sanata Başla! / Start Art! has been active for the last 8 years. I have recently launched a new project on YouTube called “Art Talks for Beginners!”, in which I collaborate with Daniel.

Özgün Yılmazok

D: And I’m Daniel Lynch. I studied language and literature at university and I met Özgün through a mutual friend, just at a time when I was starting to realise that I knew next to nothing about fine art! I’ve been interested in orchestral music ever since I was a young teenager, but I seem somehow to have completely missed out on everything to do with art! I was lucky to meet Özgün when I did, and now feel a lot more comfortable looking at paintings, even though the more you learn, the more you realise there is left to learn about!

Daniel Lynch

E: Tell us about “Art Talks for Beginners!”. What do you talk about in that series?