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Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Watercolor artists need to work quickly sometimes, so they should have everything they need right next to them while working on their painting. So, what materials does a watercolor artist need? Let's check out what materials I use and how much those materials are actually needed!

Watercolor artist's checklist:


For my watercolor paintings, I use two different kinds of paper: Strathmore Watercolor cold press and Arches 100% cotton hot press. The major differences that I noticed are:

- On 100% cotton paper, even when you apply a lot of water -for example for wet on wet method- the paper underneath is not coming out in pieces. But in the other one, I had that problem multiple times.

- On cold press, you see the texture of the paper more, whereas hot press has less tooth

Here are my paintings on both papers. The left one is with hot press